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I was born and raised in London where, in my early twenties, I had two exhibitions. My first was at the Magdalen Gallery and my second was at the Bedford Hill Gallery - both were very well received.

I moved to Dorset in 2004 and since then I have exhibited in Dorset Art Weeks, Trowbridge Arts Festival, British Legion Poppy Appeal in Gillingham, Shaftesbury Arts Centre and Wylye Valley Arts Trail. I also permanently exhibit at the Cygnet Gallery, Swans Yard, Shaftesbury. I have recently had commissions from Riversmeet Leisure Centre and Waitrose.

The newly elected mayor of Gillingham, David Walsh, visited the Wylye Valley Art Trail at Walworth and Rich Studios, Mere, at the preview evening, where he saw Alan Rutter, Sculptor, who is displaying his imaginative and unusual sculptures which create fantasy forms.

My early work was mainly found objects which involved welded steel and resin but my contemporary work, and my passion, is ceramics where I create unusual and imaginative sculptures encompassing many disciplines and materials to create fantasy forms. My work involves using paper clay, slip casting, throwing, slab building and modelling. My sculptures are fired at least twice in the kiln to obtain the desired effects.

Sculpture by Alan Rutter