D  A  V  I  D     T  O  M  L  I  N     D  E  S  I  G  N

Repair, restoration and reproduction of period and contemporary wrought ironwork.


David Tomlin became an an apprentice blacksmith at sixteen, when he was taught hot forging smithing techniques. He went on to study Engineering, and when qualified he worked as a fabricator/welder, gaining experience in forming and finishing functional ironwork.

In 1989, David started travelling around Asia, Australasia and the far East, studying different cultures and their art forms. On returning to England in 1994, he sought to materialise his impressions of natural dynamics and structures that had inspired him whilst travelling.

"My work is mainly fabricating and forging mild steel, a material that has flexibility of form when hot, lends itself to a variety of textures, and has the durability to withstand any environment."

Upper Leigh Farm, Leigh Lane, East Knoyle, Salisbury SP3 6AP

Open to public by appointment - Email DTomlin52@gmail.com Tel 07967 586942

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