HAMISH ROSS PhD became interested in the wartime SAS as a teenager through a link with one of the 'L' Detachment originals. After National Service in the RAF, he worked in the Scottish Education system, teaching in schools and university and serving as a senior official in educational administration.

Hamish's books are: Paddy Mayne, the widely acclaimed biography of one of the revered figures of the SAS; Freedom in the Air, the inspiring story of a Czech airman and the Alsatian dog that flew with him in Bomber Command during the Second World War; and From SAS to Blood Diamond Wars, the story of Fred Marafono - an outstanding warrior, even by SAS standards.

His works of fiction are: Wrongs Hushed Up, a collection of short stories; and two novellas, The Magic Lantern. He was awarded the Commemorative Medal by the Czech Republic for Freedom in the Air.

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