What is The Kingfisher?

The Kingfisher is a book written in the months following an horrific car accident in which the artist lost her husband and was seriously injured herself. Unable to draw due to the damage she sustained she turned to the written word as a medium in which to express herself and her newly-aquired perspective. The work was formed at a remarkable speed and with a seemingly inexhaustible energy of its own. As the artist's injuries healed so the text was finished and then, able once more to express herself in her chosen medium, the artist began to create the cartoons which you will also find on this site. The cartoons form an introduction to The Kingfisher text as well as being works which can stand alone. It is these two distinct bodies of work that form the basis of this site.


By Julia Whatley

Your Brief … is to propel the Planet forward on a wave of Positive Energy. To ensure that Everyone, Everywhere enjoys his or her time on Earth completely, according to each individual’s personality and, like the definitive Party, from the moment each arrives to the moment each leaves, for all ultimately to be able to say: “That was Wonderful”. To convey unconditional Love underpinned by universal Understanding and to Portray every positive Virtue and Value you can think of in place of all things negative.

Your Canvas…
is as broad as you want it to be and totally free of borders or restrictions. A fresh sheet on which, I hope, anyone, anywhere, of any age and from any walk of life will use to illustrate positive thoughts or ideas, in any shape or form, towards achieving a more human, open and understanding world for present and future generations. A Peaceful World in which the individual traits and creative talents of children, in particular, are guaranteed absolute freedom of exploration and expression.

Your Gallery… is the Artists’ Register, a fresh stage for a universal Work in Progress. A Work that will grow organically as defined by you and others taking part in whatever way you or they are able or see fit with the shared purpose of seeding positive alternatives to today’s negatives as well as motivating or influencing everyone to create a kinder, more caring Planet. A Planet that is Future Positive, encouraging and encompassing the natural sophistication of the vision of children, endorsing their unadulterated clarity of thought and allowing their voices to sing openly. A Planet that understands the behaviour of individuals as children and allows them the opportunity to resolve any shortcomings, impositions or inhibitions towards gaining future happiness and, as a result, the happiness of everybody else.

the Artists’ Register …
aims to be the catalyst, conduit and platform for all seeking a Happy, More Positive World through collective impetus and action. All ideas, suggestions or contributions towards this aim are sought and welcomed. Names on the register give a proportion of their earnings to a global network for the benefit of children, the purpose of which is to enable all children everywhere to have the freedom to explore their creativity and individuality in peaceful circumstances.
That said, the Artists’ Register is absolutely, definitely not simply about money but about using your naturally creative talents to harness and highlight the many positive and constructive aspects of human nature so often blocked by the narrowness and negativity of our current world.

I am aware of my very considerable limitations. I am also aware also aware that the combined talents of everyone on Earth amount to an incalculable resource. The Artists’ Register seeks to free that resource.
I hope you will agree that speed is of the essence and trust that the illustrations on this site spark some ideas of your own as to how together, through combined creativity, we can all move the Artists’ Register forward in pursuit of positive and permanent change.


Important Notice

While The Kingfisher is inspired by and dedicated to children the world over, it was not created for children. Both the cartoons and the text of The Kingfisher contain strong language and deal with issues which might well be considered unsuitable for the younger ones amongst us. We would urge you to explore the site for yourselves before you decide whether it is suitable for your children. If you feel that it is not then please install some form of internet nanny program in order to prevent accidental access. In the meantime, we hope that you find the site of interest and worth.