Shaftesbury was very proud to be the first town in North Dorset to achieve Fairtrade Town status in April 2008. Supported by the Town Council, Shaftesbury's Fairtrade Group is working hard to raise the profile of Fairtrade in the town.


What does Fairtrade Mean?

The FAIRTRADE mark is an independent consumer label which appears on products as a guarantee that producers in the developing world are getting a better deal. Producer organisations that supply Fairtrade products receive a guaranteed price that covers the cost of sustainable production plus an extra premium which is invested in social or economic development projects.

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury (photo by

What does it mean to be a Fairtrade Town?

A town must have achieved five goals to qualify to become a Fairtrade Town:

(1) The Town Council serves Fairtrade tea and coffee at its meetings.

(2) A range of Fairtrade products is available in the local shops,cafes and catering establishments.

(3) Fairtrade products are used by a number of local work places and community organisations.

(4) The campaign has media support and popular coverage in the town.

(5) A local Fairtrade Group is established.


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