The Herb Lady

A Day spent with Herbs

at Higher Green Farm Arts.

The morning will be spent learning about the folklore and uses of our garden herbs and favourite spices.

I will demonstrate how to make herb butters, cheeses and dips.

Everybody will have a chance to make their own Bouquet Garnis, mulled wine sachets and sea salt and herb mixes to take home with them.

Before lunch we will have a chance to relax with a glass of mulled cider and try the treats I made earlier.

During the afternoon we will be making "Bath Bombs". These little sachets are filled with coconut oil, oatmeal and herbs, and then decorated with ribbons and dried flowers. Hung over the hot tap they can transform any bath!

If we have any time left over we will make some simple herb decorations.

Please bring an apron and a packed lunch!

What is Paradise? But a Garden, an Orchard of Trees and Herbs,

full of pleasure, and nothing there but delights.

William Lawson, 1618.

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